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Fangirls; fanatical young women who obsess over a current trend or celebrity.  Often benign but can be volatile and prone to verbal hostilities if their 'fandom' is challenged.  The more obsessed can even become physically violent if confronted.

I have never been one to follow trends, in fact I tend to avoid all things mainstream as a matter of principal.  However, in the passed two weeks I have found myself shoved into a *gasp* fandom.  After watching the Avengers, my first impression of a certain young actor has been proved quite correct.  I am proud to say that I have been following him on Twitter since the time when he only had a little over 2,000 followers and have delighted in his tweets and general good humor.

The other day I logged in to find that his followers had jumped tremendously and are now over 120,000.  While I am thrilled that so many people are finally discovering this amazing talent, I’m also disturbed.  Reading through some of the @ tweets to him I find myself recoiling in horror and disgust at some of the things that people write to him.  (Exploding ovaries et. al.)  I cannot even imagine how he must feel reading such things though I sincerely hope he does not.  I’ve also noticed that quite a few people are mistaking his looks as the reason for this increase in popularity.

While he is unquestionably attractive, its not a normal Brad Pitt or Richard Gere type of attractiveness.  They are both attractive in their own right and have their own fandoms, but I’ve been wondering just what has drawn so many fangirls to this particular actor in droves over the last two weeks.  While the premier and unprecedented success of The Avengers no doubt has a lot to do with it, it is simply the means by which he’s been introduced to the world on a grand scale instead of being hidden away in England.  

I think I finally worked it out.  He’s naturally talented as an actor and having trained as one is even more impressive since a lot of Hollywood actors are talented but untrained and the difference shows. Acting aside, what is it about him that is so compelling?

See the definition below:


And there you have it.  The reason why Tom Hiddleston has won over so many hearts despite being the villain in The Avengers.  He’s brought the suave, humble, gentlemanly manner back to the red carpet and not a moment too soon.  The accent isn’t hurting things either.  I, for one, was a fan before and will continue to be a fan long after The Avenger’s fever has run it’s course.

So, for now, I suffer the fangirls and only occasionally pound my head into my desk at their effluvia.

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  1. fizzlingphantoms

    I completely agree with you, while I cannot say I followed Tom early on Twitter (as I have only just recently made an account on twitter), I believe that some of the fangirls have gone overboard, especially with inappropriate comments as such listed. I was immediately drawn to Loki when first watching Thor due to him having the most compelling storylines, which was only enforced by the superb acting of Tom Hiddleston. He added such depth to the character, and has such an astonishing understanding of the character and really cares deeply for the role.

    What I love about Tom Hiddleston is how passionate he is about his art, yes he is extremely handsome, but from watching interviews and such videos as ‘LOKI’d’ I really see such a fun, playful and most kind side to this man. He is very intelligent, and just an over all gentleman. Something that is rare now a days.

    I have a great admiration of this man, and though I cannot say I have been there since the start of his career, the light of the avengers has finally brought his talent to show the world, and give him the appreciation he deserves.

    I wouldn’t class myself a ‘fangirl’ as I read ridiculous things people write and often cringe, I agree he is a very beautiful man inside and out, someone is not allowed fame to go to his head, and will always be one who is grateful for everything he has and never think of himself above anyone. I wish for one day, I can be loved by someone with all these qualities.

    Overall, I think Tom is truly an inspiration, he inspires me to continue my dream, and makes me proud to be British.

    I hope one day I can meet him to thank him x

    1. Davonne Burns

      You British have quite a bit to be proud of honestly, but yes he has inspired me as well. I have only lately come into my acting career and watching him has helped me delve deeper and be more fearless. I have never found another actor who kindled my imagination and desire to be better, like he does.

  2. LoriK

    Thank you for saying what I’ve wanted to say. I’m embarrassed for him too. I wouldn’t DREAM of posting such crap on his twitter account. Have some dignity fangirls…you just may drive that poor man into hiding! 🙁

  3. Cyndi Fox

    Dear Devonne, Perfectly said and right on the money about Mr. HIddlestone. I’m old enough to be his mother but, after I first say him in “Cranford”, I looked him up on IMDB and was surprised to see that he’d played Loki in “Thor.” Then watching all of the interviews on YouTube over the past 5 months or so has only confirmed my admiration for this young gentleman. It’s nice to meet another fan who appreciates his character as much as his attractiveness.


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