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I Watched Avengers In 3D, But I Didn’t Wanna

I Watched Avengers In 3D, But I Didn’t Wanna.  Makes the exact points my friends and I talked about.  I paid $13 a person for myself and 8 of my friends to go with me.  This included the price of the ticket and the glasses, which I sincerely wish they would refund upon surrendering them post movie.  I would have been much happier.

I went to the 3d version once.  I’ve been to the 2d version twice and find it much easier to follow and I don’t get blinding headaches nor do I become irritated at being forced to focus on the effects rather than the images I care about.

Avengers is an amazingly well though out and put together movie, entirely discounting the super hero aspect.  But yes, the 3d was overkill.  Plain and simple overkill.

Though I sincerely do not mind having Tom Hiddleston looking as though he is close enough to touch.  Ah  . . . the mind wanders . . .