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Very Good Writing – Why Loki Won in The Avengers

Very Good Writing – Why Loki Won in The Avengers.

This brilliant article highlights all the plot points I’ve been trying to get my friends to understand.  Some do, some just look at me with vacant expressions.  I guess I shouldn’t expect those who do not write for a living to understand the complexities and ambiguity of crafting a truly complex plot.  Thankfully Mr. Whedon knows that there are those of us who like plot with our porn fun.

There was no better ‘villain’ than Loki to bring the Avengers together.  Mr. Black makes some excellent points and dissects the plot of Avengers very nicely.

There was a lot of subtext for an action/adventure movie and I am not surprised that most people overlooked it in favor of the more explicit plot points.  It was painfully obvious to me from the first viewing that Loki set things up to make sure the Xanatos Gambit happened.  The reverse interrogation scene with Black Widow was a study in manipulation and misdirection and I’m sorry to say that most people just simply miss how beautifully understated and subtle Mr. Hiddleston’s acting is.

However I do not agree with the idea that Loki is working with Thanos.  It just didn’t seem like a symbiotic relationship in the movie, more a parasitic one.  Thus setting up Loki’s need for the Xanatos Gambit.  He needs the Avengers together to either defeat him and remove the possibility of Thanos retaliating, or lose and he deliver the goods and avoid retaliation  that way.  He knew that either way there was significant risk to himself, but it was risk possibly being killed outright by Thanos or suffer a defeat at the hands of his brother and co.

Oh and for those saying the Loki said he never really wanted to rule Earth.  Umm . . . God of Lies.  He wants Earth because he knows that is where Thor’s heart is and he does love to mess with his brother.  He obviously did not think that Thor would appear on Earth to challenge him.  From his reaction on the quinjet he was quite surprised at Thor’s sudden appearance.  Which further necessitated a change in his plans.  Thor is the only person on Earth who could stop him, he knew this and changed his plans to use the Hulk to keep his brother busy.

I Watched Avengers In 3D, But I Didn’t Wanna

I Watched Avengers In 3D, But I Didn’t Wanna.  Makes the exact points my friends and I talked about.  I paid $13 a person for myself and 8 of my friends to go with me.  This included the price of the ticket and the glasses, which I sincerely wish they would refund upon surrendering them post movie.  I would have been much happier.

I went to the 3d version once.  I’ve been to the 2d version twice and find it much easier to follow and I don’t get blinding headaches nor do I become irritated at being forced to focus on the effects rather than the images I care about.

Avengers is an amazingly well though out and put together movie, entirely discounting the super hero aspect.  But yes, the 3d was overkill.  Plain and simple overkill.

Though I sincerely do not mind having Tom Hiddleston looking as though he is close enough to touch.  Ah  . . . the mind wanders . . .